Terms and Conditions


General terms

Weekly therapy.

 Your therapy will be routine, weekly one hour sessions. during your sessions you can expect me to give you all of my attention.

 I promise to be there for you and to give you at least one months notice of any breaks. Accordingly I expect you to make the same commitment. That is to attend your weekly sessions on time and for you to give me at least a months notice of any breaks. 

Sessions will start and end at the appointment time. If you are late, the session will go ahead, but will end at the  prearranged time. 

If there are extenuating circumstances, we will negotiate to find you a replacement session in the same week. 

All sessions are payable in full if you fail to attend.

As a rule, I offer in person therapy. If you cannot physically attend, we may be able to arrange a one off video or telephone session.

In the case of a non attendance fee being due, it and the fee for the next session  will have to be paid before the next session can go ahead.

One off, introductory Session.

I also offer a one off session, where you can come and talk and get a bit of independent feedback on what is troubling you.

Payment for this session will be due before it goes ahead. 

You can expect the same level of confidentiality and understanding as I make available to weekly clients.