Grief Counselling

Grief / Bereavement can be a difficult emotion

About Grief Counselling Robert, our lead counsellor says “Grief is something that almost all of us will experience at some time. Grief can bring the best, and worst in people. Families can descend into complete chaos around the death of a loved one”.

Our Counsellors will work with you to explore your feelings around the death of your loved one. During grief counselling we will try to explore the chaos and anger that you may feel around your grief. We understand that the death of a loved one never leaves us, we hope to help you to learn to live with the pain, whilst honouring their life.

Self Help

There are no quick fixes to grief. We believe that grief counselling is an effective way to help you deal with your emotions. sometimes you may not be able to get professional help, so try to recognise that grief is a very individual experience, you will experience it differently to everyone else around you. Do your best to avoid being isolated, having people around will help when the emotions become overpowering. Drugs and alcohol may not help as much as you think. Do something healthy, It’s good to keep up some of your routine -For example Walk the dog – Go to the gym. Remember those around you will be struggling too. In short, be kind to yourself, your managing this the best you can.

The Charity Cruse offer great Information and support around bereavement.

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