Our Counselling Philosophy

Our counselling is all about what you, the client, needs. Firstly, we understand that in seeking out counselling that you are making a huge investment in your wellbeing. Secondly, all of our experienced therapists have made very big commitments in training, research and volunteering. Thirdly, our experience helps us to achieve the highest standards of care, compassion and commitment to our clients’ wellbeing.

Membership of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) (or equivalent) is a requirement for all of our therapists. Consequently they must adhere to an ethical code of practice to ensure the best possible care for you. To care for your wellbeing, our therapists make several commitments to you. As an example we will be 100% present with you for your weekly sessions. Your secrets will never be discussed over a coffee. Ethics ensure your counsellor will never try to pull the wool over your eyes. We will be honest and forthright. From these commitments, you can expect your counsellor to do their absolute best to understand everything you talk about. To do this we might check if we don’t understand what you mean. Most importantly we will accept you.

All of our therapists have trained as an online counsellors. For the best experience for you, we prefer to provide face to face counselling. Online counselling is provided using the most confidential methods available, we will advise the best option when nessecary.

We offer short term and open ended counselling, short term counselling would be for between six and twelve weeks.

Visit our counselling fees page for further information.